Pennell CPA is pleased to offer TaxCaddy, as a simple, collaborative platform to aid our clients in securely sharing tax documents and efficiently collaborate on Engagement Letters.


TaxCaddy is part of a suite of products Pennell CPA offers their clients to efficiently and securely process 1040 tax returns. While TaxCaddy has many features, Pennell CPA will use this platform to:

  • send Engagement Letters for signature
  • collect 1040 questionnaire
  • collect 1040 tax documents
  • secure client-accountant communication



If you are interested in establishing a TaxCaddy account, or would like to share your existing account, please click on Request TaxCaddy to email our team to request further assistance.


TaxCaddy is available on any device: PC, Mac, tablet, and the TaxCaddy app for iPad, iPhone, and Android.

  • TaxCaddy is provided at no cost to you.
  • Your TaxCaddy account will reflect your tax return progress with us. You will only need to provide the documents and tax information that are pending.
  • You will have access to direct contact with your tax professional through TaxCaddy’s messaging features.
  • You can submit documents by taking pictures with the TaxCaddy mobile app, uploading files, or manually entering information.
  • For greater convenience, you will also have the option of authorizing TaxCaddy to retrieve documents automatically from your financial institutions which will give us access to them immediately (see instructions on Smart Links).
  • Technical support and troubleshooting are available by email and chat in the TaxCaddy Help Center.
  • After signing your returns in Safe Send a copy of your returns will be delivered to your TaxCaddy account.


Each client owns their own TaxCaddy account and can choose to share their documents securely with their accountant at Pennell CPA. Please register your interest in collaborating with us through TaxCaddy - Request TaxCaddy to email our team to request further assistance.

Once you have received an invitation from Pennell CPA to collaborate through TaxCaddy, follow these steps to ensure your TaxCaddy account is properly setup:

  • CONNECT – Log in to your TaxCaddy account, navigate to the Overview screen, and click the Accept Connection button to establish a connection with our firm. Learn more about connecting.
  • ADD AUTHORIZED USERS – To provide access to your spouse or others, click your name in the top right corner and then Settings. Click Additional User Account and enter their information. They will receive an invitation email to create a linked account with the same steps you have already completed. Learn more about adding users.
    • Please note that when electronically sign documents, if you are "married filing jointly," then your spouse can sign documents using your TaxCaddy account or they can create their own. If your spouse opted to create their own account, then you must link their TaxCaddy account to yours in order for them to apply their electronic signature. Learn more about e-signatures.
  • DOWNLOAD & USE THE TAXCADDY MOBILE APP – The TaxCaddy mobile app can be downloaded from the iTunes App Store or Google Play. It provides a convenient way to access your information and communicate with us directly from your mobile phone. Learn more about the TaxCaddy mobile app.
  • PROVIDE YOUR TAX INFORMATION – In your TaxCaddy account you’ll find Tax Questionnaire and a Document Request List.
    • Setting up "Smart Links" with your financial institutions to automatically retrieve tax documents. As documents become available, they will be automatically retrieved and placed in your TaxCaddy account. Learn more about Smart Links
    • Photoscanning the document with the TaxCaddy mobile app.
    • Uploading files.
    • Manually entering form information. Learn more about documents
  • COMPLETE THE QUESTIONNAIRE – Provide answers to the Questionnaire by navigating to the TaxCaddy Questionnaire. Learn more about the questionnaire.
  • SEND & RECEIVE MESSAGES - Ask questions and provide answers in TaxCaddy’s Messages tab, found on the navigation bar, to ensure we have the information we need to prepare your return. Learn more about messages.
  • REQUEST SUPPORT – If you have technical questions about your TaxCaddy account or you’re experiencing trouble accessing your account (e.g., if you forgot your password), the TaxCaddy support team is just an email away. Learn more about getting help.


For technical support and troubleshooting assistance, click on Help Center at the top of, or email